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2 years ago

epson printer nozzle blockage

 Inkjet printer, a used to be defined as the product of household applications, more and more appear in a variety of applications.This, of course, thanks to advances in ink-jet printing technology, in the printing office for us to provide the more applications.Inkjet printers' inherent disadvantages, however, was not well solved, nozzle clogging.

  Nozzle blockage caused by many reasons, such as haven't print, or impurities, ink or nozzle wear and so on.Here is some compiled nozzle clogging solution, hope I can help you quickly ruled out fault nozzle blockage.
  A, inkjet printer ink head structure:Common for inkjet printer ink head structure mainly include ink-jet printer and the ink box of all-in-one and separate two ways, all-in-one ink head structure in ink cartridge ink exhausted, after the ink head and ink box to change together, this structure is relatively more closely, reliability is higher, but the relatively high cost;.

2 years ago

how to deal with the printer nozzle jam?


How to deal with the printer nozzle jam?
Print head nozzle clogging is the most common fault inkjet printers, mainly displays in the print out a draft of the surface with horizontal stripes, serious when some color don't print out, especially in the printing image file is more apparent.Nozzle blockage caused by many reasons, such as the quality of the printer ink, printer, working environment, printer spare time and so on.To avoid the nozzle clogging, best to use the printer manufacturers specify the type of ink, fast when replacement ink cartridges, as far as possible to shorten the time of the replacement cartridges.Don't let the noise of the printer to work in the dust of the larger environment, avoid printers remain idle for a long time, even if they don't use the printer to also want to open a printer every three to five days, because of long time do not use the printer, can make the residual ink dries in the nozzle clogging the print head, especially the ink is easier to dry in the summer.If so, are you the print head is blocked, you can according to the printer with the method described in the manual to cleaning the print head, because of the different printer manufacturer or model, the specific methods of cleaning the print head is also different.For example: EPSON MJ - 1500 - k can pass when suspension indicator, press the switch button and line breaks at the same time/form-feed key to clean the print head, black at the same time press the switch button and it into a paper/paper back key to color print head cleaning.There are also some printers can be cleaning the print head through software control, for example: EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 750 either through cleaning button on the printer control panel to clean the nozzle, can also use the driver bring to clean the print head cleaning tools.If after a few times after cleaning the print head or congestion, can temporarily shut down the printer first, the second day to clean the print head when the phone is switched on, if the print quality still no improvement, specification of printer ink cartridges has expired or has been damaged, can solve a problem by changing the cartridge.

The cleaning program with the printer Cleaning is generally a few days no plug can clear away but if long time don't have to Advice sent to repair Ask professional to clean

Try touching water with a paper towel or cloth

Spray dry Usually depends on how well the ink. Grease big head average is fine for 1 month.But if use alternative ink. 4 to 7 days would do it. If your printer is the imperial concubine level with original ink.If it is a general printer. Just use substitute ah...

How to also save after 10 ink printer

Start = = > printers and faxes select your printer = = = = > > and then enter the printing preferences = = > ''cleaning the print head'' that a feature = = > wash. My dad is a studio, so the print head often jams...

I saw my dad is such operation...

It is recommended that you try, the hope can bring you some help. Thank you ` `
2 years ago

nozzle jam

Print nozzle clogging is printer often appear the phenomenon, generally can be divided into soft congestion and hard jam.


  • Soft plug, it is to point to for some reason, such as ink impurity and filtering is bad, there is something wrong with the quality of ink, etc., cause the ink viscosity on the nozzle single-line breakdown caused by a larger;.Print head not returning confinement or not timely loading new ink, the print head exposed in air is too long and dry.


  • This problem can be manually or use a printer's own tools to clean a few times can solve in a row.Hard plug is refers to the nozzle with chemical coagulation or impurities clogging up, or due to sit idle for a long time and make the ink dry solidification in the print head.


2 years ago

printer nozzle jam

Look at a few times The print head out ink (commonly known as plug) < BR > the cause and the processing method True blocking reason: < BR > 1, the print time interval is too long, cause the print head dry crust of stock/run every 15 daysThe printerTo print a full color document < BR > 2, seals not torn, the air will not enter/yellow seals tear reshipment cartridges < BR > 3, after a long period of time cleaning the print head many times test line consistent/clear with injector nozzle on the thread broken position/clean with cleaning cartridge nozzle < BR > 4, the print head wear or aging -- -- -- -- -- need to replace the print head < BR > 5, EPSON machine nozzle cleaning methods: < BR > mild plug?Direct use: file - printing - attribute?Cleaning the print head once or twice a < BR > severe plug - direct use: the print head down with clean water, severe 20 ml syringe cleaning < BR > plug - direct use: the print head down.Card case.Light bubble print head with pure water, after 2-3 hours 20 ml syringe cleaning < BR > note: don't wet circuit when finished cleaning the print head, not immediately after installation electricity to wait 30 minutes again electrify strong natural dry wash after commissioning.< BR > 6, Canon model nozzle cleaning methods: < BR > mild plug?.Direct use: file - printing - attribute?

2 years ago

printer nozzle clogging, and clean with drive, or not?

Inkjet printer common problem: 1. The waste water treatment method of the full access to the Internet to download the brush machine tool chip Brush chip with respect to OK 2. Not into the paper check stamp paper round Clean or replace if there is any problem do check whether there is a foreign body into the machine If you have recommended the fuselage in turn Shoot base or send pit between 50 yuan  3. Small rail car seat frame spring falls off Using tools can be removed According to go up But keep within recommended to send pit 4. Nozzle clogging Clean with driver in the nozzle Simple wash If not open to the pit With ion oscillators If still won't do Shower or change machine (generally the price of the nozzle on the fuselage of nozzle are high) 5. The mainboard This kind of problem in to say Such release Hey hey Change the machine  Laser printer common problem: 1. The biggest general paperboard paperboard to (1) in the paper is divided into three seat (2) card fixing (3) the paper say into paper card does not go into the first round and sensor has a problem  Card fuser fixing do clean With sandpaper, in the way of paper This paper Most are caused by powder  The paper card same as above Grind the paper outlet  2. Print the result is bad May be the cause of the drum unit may be the cause of the laser But most of them are the cause of the drum In drum or cleaning If it is the cause of the laser Hey hey bleeding!!~ ~  3. The printed documents Words will be erase This is fixing has a problem See if fuser film is broken or the inside of the bulb is broken If this is the case in fuser film and lamp is ok  Common q.1 stylus printer to print out garbled The problem is the cause of the drive I also not clear 2. Printing the bolt head Estimation is the general in needle breakage If more Recommended in the needle comments |printhead

2 years ago

printer nozzle clogging How to clean up the printer nozzle

forAn inkjet printer, sometimes use over time, users will find printed text or image appear offline, color distortion and blur, etc., sometimes even can't print.Such problems, is often the resultThe printerNozzle is blocked, such as printers are placed for long, hard and moisture evaporation cause ink or due to a mixture of different ink produces chemical reaction, make the printer nozzle can not work normally, so we need to repair it.  A, use the drive tool cleaning nozzle  If the printer nozzle clogging is not very serious, can be normal print, just printed document is less than before some, such as part of the text of the handwriting is not clear or local color slants color photos, etc.), if you don't want to too much trouble, you can use the printer driver's own application tool to clear  Wash the printer nozzle, in general, most ink-jet printer will be attachedThe cartridgeCleaning tools.  Basing on the HP 656 c its Deskjet inkjet printers, for example, first into a clean common printing paper in the printer, and then install the printer driver, printer tools in the system taskbar icon, into ''print toolbox'', click on the ''cleaning the print cartridge'' button, and then in the event of a ''clean'' the window of the middle button, then printers start cleaning, cleaning is completed automatically print the test page, if the print quality improved after cleaning, but still not satisfied, can be two or more times a cleaning operation.  Use the printer driver application tool cleaning nozzle, its advantage is easy to operate, fast, the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not too ideal.Finally if you're still not satisfied, can be in the ''print toolbox'' click on the print cartridges ''calibration'' button, and then in the window point ''calibration'' button, and then start printing ink cartridges for calibration, the calibration is completed, you will find that the print quality will further increase.  Second, the manual cleaning the print heads  Print with bolt, the white, partial color, but still have the ink in the cartridge, the nozzle clogging situation need to manually for cleaning.First from the printer ink cartridges come down, will be found at the bottom of the cartridge have similar part of the integrated circuit, this is the nozzle location, prepare some 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ in warm water, pour warm water into a clean and transparent cup, and then the nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge into the water soak 10 ~ 30 minutes.  It is important to note that as long as the parts of the nozzle can be submerged, don't put the cartridge into the water.Soak 10 ~ 30 minutes remove ink cartridges from the water, moderately hard to dry, the nozzle will throw some ink, the ink cartridge nozzle with napkins thrown out of the ink blot, go back after cleaning cartridge installed, the cartridge cleaning process is completed, the final use printer to print a test page offline, compare the effect after cleaning.  Sometimes printer does not use for a long time, some users will direct external ink cartridges, so it is easy to cause the nozzle clogging, and internal ink is dry, and could not be printed at this time, so the need for ''special treatment'', ready to concentration 95% ethanol, a clean cup, a disposable syringe.Disposable infusion sets of plastic pipe joint and the print head for ink, the print head head put in concentration of 95% alcohol, alcohol intake by the print head syringe needle, after several inhalation can jam more serious print head cleaning.

2 years ago

printer nozzle clogging